Regulatory decree N.º29/90 de 14 de September
  • Paramiloidose Familiar
Paramyloidosis is a disease of progressive degenerative nature of the peripheral nerves, of hereditary transmission, which in its terminal phase causes severe motor difficulties, reaching also the urinary and gastrointestinal tracts.
Law 1/89 of 31 January aims to ensure a special protection scheme for people suffering from familial paramyloidosis by providing for the free granting, through the health services, of the clinical support material necessary for those patients.
In this sense, this law is intended to regulate article 6 of said law.
Like this:
Under the provisions of Article 7 of Law No. 1/89, dated January 31, and pursuant to Article 202 (c) of the Constitution, the Government hereby decrees as follows:
Article 1
The present diploma applies to patients with familial paramyloidosis who are registered at the Center for the Study of Paramyloidosis in Porto or its delegations, either directly or through communication from the health services where these patients are being treated.
Article 2
1 - All clinical support material to compensate for motor handicaps and sphincter disorders, such as wheelchairs, articulated beds, orthopedic footwear, anti-decubitus cushions, alleles, urine collection bags and diapers, is covered by this law.
2 - The clinical support material referred to in the previous number is granted free of charge and, if recoverable, by way of return.
Article 3
1 - The medical prescription and the supply of the clinical material referred to in the previous article compete with the Center for the Study of Paramyloidosis of Porto, the General Hospital of Santo António, the Hospital of Santa Maria and the Health Centers of Braga, Seia, Bom Sucesso, Figueira da Foz, Vila do Conde, Matosinhos, Póvoa do Varzim, Esposende, Barcelos, Unhais da Serra and Covilhã. [1]
2 - The costs arising from the prescription of the clinical support material will be borne by the prescribing entities.
Article 4
1. For the purposes of this law, the health services referred to in paragraph 1 of the preceding article shall calculate the consumption of the clinical support material and send their forecasts to the Procurement Service of the General Secretariat of the Ministry Of Health, in order to carry out the respective public tenders for the acquisition of this material.
2 - The action referred to in the preceding paragraph must be completed within three months after the entry into force of this diploma.
3 - Transitory and until the conclusion of that contest, the acquisition of clinical support material will be carried out by the prescribing entities, by means of a restricted regional competition.
[1] From Regulatory Decree nº42 / 91 of August 19.
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