The result of the analysis
  • O resultado da análise
It all started for me on June 25, 1997.
Dr. de Sta Maria Hospital in Lisbon gave me the news that the Paramyloidosis analysis I had done was positive.
When I left the hospital I could not see anything or anyone, I was in shock, I remember getting into the car and not knowing how to stop at the tower of Bethlehem and the edge of the Tagus River, I started to think about what would happen to my life.
I was 25 years old and I always knew that this day was to arrive but I sincerely had the secret hope that I would not have my Father's disease.
I could not stop thinking that it was an injustice and that all this was not really happening to me, as if it were a nightmare and the world was falling on me.
But it was true, it was real and for me the data was released!
I was 12 years old when I decided that I would only do the analysis at the age of 25, because I thought it was not worth the risk of a positive analysis if the first symptoms only turned out at this point.
Some of my friends did not understand how I could live like this without knowing it.
I always believed that there is a time to know and the gift to live, that's how I grew up and I'm glad I did. However, I always made it a point to tell the story of these years of the risk of the most intimate people, my friends and finally my girlfriend so as not to give her a "poisoned gift".
We always talked about the possibility of having the disease and what we would do, but always with the secret hope that everything would work out for the best.
The day had come and I had to tell you that our worst fears had come true.
It was very difficult to tell my girlfriend but what it cost me was telling my Mother.
I had not told him that I had done the analysis because I had the secret hope of being able to give him some good news of surprise but instead I had to tell him that I had not been lucky.
One can imagine what it must be for a Mother to have the prospect of seeing all that human degradation now in her only child.
But the illness that drove my Father to death and which has now struck me will not torment any of my children, I have made this decision for many years and I am aware that it is the least I can do.
However times have changed and although there is no cure, there is a treatment, liver transplantation that for definitely the progression of symptoms.
But for me and despite all my anguish you have to react because after all you were not condemned as my Father and had a hope.
"Let's fight, do this and that, the sooner the better. If necessary, it is done abroad. Everyone is willing to help I have so many friends and so much luck. It's going to be okay ... "
Salvador was an always cheerful child ...
My liver transplant